What is Overt Hypothyroidism?

Overt hypothyroidism is condition of the thyroid gland under which the thyroid gland becomes unable to produce the adequate quantity of hormone in the body. So to say very literally the in the stag of the thyroid gland showing the symptom of overt hypothyroidism the thyroid gland becomes under reactive. It is harmful for the normal body process of the body as some of the essential body functions are carried out by the glands, or to be very specific it is actually the hormones present in the gland that controls these essential functions of the body. The thyroid gland is also responsible for carrying some necessary functions of the body.

The thyroxin and the thyropine hormone that are produced in the body by the thyroid gland carries out the functions in the body related to the growth, and metabolism. In women the T3 and the T4 hormones also controls the mechanism of the giving birth to the new born babies. Women suffering from the problem of the overt hypothyroidism will be unable to conceive properly use to the imbalance of the hormones in the body as the hormones also regulates the periodical cycle sin the women. During overt hypothyroidism problem as the thyroid gland stops producing the adequate amount of the hormones the pituitary gland starts supplying the TSH hormones in the body so as help the body continue its function. This renders the thyroid gland even more under active. This process if untreated can lead to the formation of the diseases like Hasimoto’s hypothyroidism or Grave’s syndrome.

Symptoms of overt hypothyroidism

According to some of the research paper and medical journals the symptoms of this form of the hypothyroidism is not concealed as the name suggests. The symptoms are very evident and if they are not overlooked the treatment can control the disease at a very early stage. The symptoms of the hypothyroidism are however very similar to the common problems of adulthood, so naturally at the primary level some of the symptoms are not taken seriously, as people think these are obvious signs of the getting older. However it is also not true that every person suffering from these symptoms are bound to be the patients of overt hypothyroidism. Before taking any decision a person should be confirmed his status with a doctor and get himself tested. Some of the obvious symptoms of hypothyroidism are:

  • Fatigue
  • Tension
  • irritation on skin
  • catching cold and heat easily
  • high rate of dehydration
  • disorders in the menstrual cycles of the women
  • very low immunity to external dangers
  • enlarged shape of thyroid gland due to inflammation
  • problems in consuming food and drinks
  • problems in talking
  • problems causing loss of  intensity of the eye sight
  • sudden weight gain or loss of weight
  • heavy constipation which might lead to disorders in the brawl movement
  • increase in the chances of the blood pressure and other heart disorders

Treatment of overt hypothyroidism

It has also been sad earlier in the article that if steps and initiatives are taken to control the overt hypothyroidism in the primary stage then the symptoms can be controlled very easily. Although it is not fully curable, but still if treated timely it will not create any problem in the body. The treatment of overt hypothyroidism can be done either following the natural and homely steps or one might consult a doctor for the synthetic treatment. Most of the doctors suggest simple medication on the initial stage of overt hypothyroidism, the failure of which may initiate hormone replacement in the gland.

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