What Causes Primary Hypothyroidism?

Primary Hypothyroidism is a disease that in many cases affects human due to the deficiency of thyroid gland. The primary case of this ailment occurs where the body fails to respond to the production of thyroid hormones. These hormones are held responsible for countering the body metabolic requirements Therefore you already want to know why certain failures can be met by the perfect function human systems as it is referred by varying individuals. Well, the main occurrence of the hypothyroidism is due to the autoimmune which a thyroid condition is referred to as the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. This malady affects women three to five times more often than men.

What you did not know is that a simple genetic tendency could otherwise trigger the Hashimoto disease affecting the immune system of man rather causing malfunction in the system. Once primary hypothyroidism has occurred, the subsequent follow-up could be the inflammation and hypothyroidism. Well, this occurs after the antibodies have attached the entered with the function of the thyroid glands and since they are responsible for the production of thyroid hormones. Their inefficiency leads to less production of thyroid hormones that’s a female patients suffers from the hypothyroidism. Moreover, environmental factors could as well lead to the development of the ailment.

However, the chance that even makes women more prone to primary hypothyroidism is because of pregnancy issues. Pregnancy courses a shift in the production of hormones in a pregnant woman immune system. Women with pregnancy drastically shift to Th2 and Th1 dominance during and after pregnancy increasing the chances of triggering hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s maladies. There are further more two types of thyroiditis that could otherwise hypothyroidism in women. They are mainly the postpartum and silent thyroiditis. The one that is likely to occur during the first the period of time after delivery say one year is the postpartum thyroiditis. You will unveil after a small research that this disease will affect at least 5-10% of who have given birth. Its main traits incorporates a painless and off-course an increased production of thyroid antibodies.

On the contrary, you will discover that silent thyroiditis occurs after the human thyroid glands commence to be over active. This condition is not hazardous like the former postpartum. Its existence could vanish within time. However, at least 5% of women with primary hypothyroidism are expected to carry on with the ailment.

Another course of primary hypothyroidism in women is the sudden chances of the production of estrogen hormone. This mainly occurs during the stages of menopause and is likely to trigger Hashimoto’s ailment in women. What actually occurs in this case is that, the excess production of estrogen will lower the metabolic reaction of the body. Lowering metabolic reaction hampers thyroid actions. Lowering thyroid actions results into hypothyroids and the cycle goes on. However in the opposite scenario, you will reveal the opposite as production of estrogen sufficiently supports the functioning of thyroid hormone.

When the body fails to sufficiently access the required amount of iodine which is very important for the performance of thyroid gland while producing thyroid hormone, the resultant is likely to be hypothyroidism. This condition will occur both in the access and inefficiency of the iodine supplies. Whilst the supplies are in access, iodine will definitely trigger Hashimoto’s disease. It simply works this way; the excess iodine activates the human immune system to release antibodies that attacks the thyroid gland. The thyroid will then respond to that by a slower production of fewer amounts of hormones thus the primary ailment. Moreover taking in supplies that have already been contaminated courses primary hypothyroidism in women compared to men.

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