Is Hypothyroidism Hereditary? Consideration of Underlying Causes

May be you have it, but let try and consider this in detail, is hypothyroidism hereditary, When an individual has started exhibiting some symptoms of hypothyroidism, a doctor will often want to get your family history, an some of the questions that is often asked are always interpret to mean that if someone in the family has the condition, then most likely all the generation to come will have it. Let start by clearing some of these myths, Hypothyroidism is not hereditary. The reason why a certain family members will tend to have it is because of the diseases which cause it and which are hereditary.

One of the common diseases that will look into is Hashimoto throiditis. This is the common cause of the hypothyroidism and is an autoimmune disorder.  What happens is that if you have this disease, your body immune system will mistakenly attack the healthy body cells the same way they would attack foreign bodies and infectious agents. This is the same process that occurs when the body immune system will attack the thyroids glands making it to slow down and eventually stop producing and secreting thyroid gland hormone leading to hypothyroidism.

Is hypothyroidism hereditary then? No, it can never be, it is just that it is caused by such illness as thyroid cancer which is hereditary. Thyroid cancer is a disease that attacks the thyroids glands making it unable to continue with its normal function of secretion of thyroids glands hormone. And is caused by the alteration of the something called RET genes. This altered gene has then the capability of being transferred from parents to offspring’s, generation after generation. All the people who have this gene will sooner or later evolve to medullar thyroid cancer. Cancer is generally a dire illness and has a tendency to cause a lot of harm to the thyroid glands. This has been observed with the family members with a history of precancerous colon polyps and goiter if not treated well will most likely graduate to another form of thyroid cancer. Even though it runs in the family and is a cause of hypothyroid, it does not make hypothyroid hereditary.

Due to the diagnosis of hypothyroid in people with the same along the family line, the question that has disturbed many is hypothyroid hereditary. There are other cases that also run in the family line. Take a case of sarcoidosis. This is a situation of autoimmune illness where an abnormal growth happens on a healthy part of the body. This will cause hypothyroidism when the growth occurs on the thyroid glands and grows to extend of replacing, or making it to be cease with its function. Sometimes the process of medication of the condition through surgery or radiation process will cause hypothyroidism in an individual.

Drugs used to treat hereditary illnesses such as anti thyroid medication used to treat hypothyroidism when taken in plenty or without professional advice may be injurious to the body. It has also been found that patients of depression, which can be hereditary, will tend to be put on lithium medication. When this is taken over a long period of time, the patient will have more probability of suffering hypothyroidism.

For some people, the fact that a disease that causes an illness such as hypothyroidism is hereditary, then it makes the final condition hereditary. Is hypothyroidism hereditary then? This brings a question of management of the condition. The fact that you may have hypothyroidism in your gene, is not the end of things, It only require change in your lifestyle to  take care of yourself very well through good feeding habits and frequently seeking medical attention.

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