About Iatrogenic Hypothyroidism

Iatrogenic hypothyroidism came from the term iatrogenic which refers to the side effects that might arise out of the treatment fault. In the medical terms it refers to any side effects that are induced in a patient unintentionally by the physician. This might arise out of many situations like prescribing wrong medicines, having a patient subjected to wrong therapies. Hypothyroidism caused by this medical negligence is known as the iatrogenic hypothyroidism. Similar to the hypothyroidism it is a also a deficiency of the hormones, but the difference is that hypothyroidism is caused by the birth defects or by unhealthy lifestyle but the iatrogenic hypothyroidism is cause medical fault or negligence.

Apart from this the symptoms of the iatrogenic hypothyroidism are similar to that of the hypothyroidism. Both of them cause the same metabolism deficiency in a patient. The symptoms of the iatrogenic hypothyroidism are as follows: –

  • Fatigue
  • Tension
  • irritation on skin
  • catching cold and heat easily
  • high rate of dehydration
  • disorders in the menstrual cycles of the women
  • very low immunity to external dangers
  • enlarged shape of thyroid gland due to inflammation
  • problems in consuming food and drinks
  • problems in talking
  • problems causing loss of  intensity of the eye sight
  • sudden weight gain or loss of weight
  • heavy constipation which might lead to disorders in the brawl movement
  • increase in the chances of the blood pressure and other heart disorders

Hormonal deficiency is the main reason behind a person suffering from the symptoms of iatrogenic hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland becomes under active in the production of the thyroxin and thyropine hormones that controls the metabolism, physical growth of a body. The cause of the under active thyroid gland in the patient suffering from this kind at of hypothyroidism is the presence of the excessive nutrients in the body that hinders the thyroid gland from performing the necessary functions. There are certain essential functions of the thyroid gland which are as follows:-

  • Distribution of oxygen in every section of the body.
  • Controlling the Speed in which the body repairs the damaged and the diseases tissues.
  • Maintains the blood sugar level by controlling the amount of the sugar and glucose that is to be released in the body by breaking the food.
  •  The maintenance of the balance of the water and the cell fluids in the cells of which the cell is composed.
  • The circulatory system of the body is regulated ns controlled by the thyroid gland.
  • Providing energy and strength to the muscle and tissues.
  • Controlling all the stimulating actions of the body, thereby controlling the anxiety and tension in the body.
  • Controls sexual drive in the adults and the reproductive procedure especially in the females.
  • Controlling the metabolism process in the whole body, this keeps a tab over the toxin level and increasing fat in the body.
  • Maintains the growth of the body including the weight that is required for the body.

All these are the necessary function of the thyroid gland and any person suffering form the symptoms of the iatrogenic hypothyroidism. According to the statistics about 3 % of the patients who have controlled the hypothyroidism in the body may revive to the iatrogenic hypothyroidism. One of the prominent causes is the overdose of the medicines or therapies. For example balanced iodine content is necessary in the body for controlling hypothyroidism but even after attains the desired level if a patient continues to have the same medication for iodine; he is bound to develop the symptoms of iatrogenic hypothyroidism.

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