Hypothyroidism in Cats: Causes and Treatment

Hypothyroidism in cat is not very common, as a matter of fact, it is considered to be more common in Dogs which has led some people to believe that is inborn in the dogs as opposed to the cats where it is generally caused by injury of the cats glands during the surgery process. The cats may be further engendered when it is subjected to radioactive iodine therapy. The definition of hypothyroidism is given as a condition in which a cat or a dog has small levels of working thyroids hormone. The physical observable effect to the animal will be a decrease in metabolic rates. This a very manageable conditions in cats and will not be life threatening but if not watched, can lead to severe ill health to the animal. Some other causes of this condition in the cats are when a drug such as methimazole is used to treat the animal from hyperthyroidism. This is because; the drug has the same effect of lowering the out put of thyroxine. Stopping the use of the drug will usually see an increase in thyroid hormone and consequently the improvement of the life of the cat. Thyroids tumors can also cause hypothyroidism in cats but it is not very widespread. You may just need to be careful if the tumors grows and affects both of the thyroids lobes leading to the total damage of the glands.

Hypothyroidism being upset that affects the functioning of the thyroid gland. How will this happen, may that is your question, basically, the thyroid gland is very important to any animal, located just under the neck, exactly beneath the lower jaws used for smashing food, it has the function of producing the hormones that will help with the metabolism of the food consumed. This means that when they are affected by such condition as hypothyroids, the cat in question will not be in a position to secrete the hormones that is supposed to circulate to the body vessels producing energy. With reduction of production of thyroids hormone, the animal will grow weak unable to undertake the significant metabolic process that is necessary foe life. You will thus witness a deteriorating health of your cat as days go by. Although mild at first but if care is not taken immediately, hypothyroidism in cats can be dangerous. The hormone produced and secreted by the thyroids gland also known as thyroxine has many other body functions that its decrease in the body system will mean ill health of the cat.

Hypothyroidism in cats can be difficult to detect because a deficiency of thyroids hormone will kind of affect the metabolic functioning of all the body systems. You may need to call upon a veterinary specialist to conduct further tests on the animal to be sure. But for a start, you will look for the following symptoms in your cat to be suspicious of this condition. Hypothyroidism will cause the cat to be very weak seen by the animal sleeping a lot more time than usual. The cat will add a lot of weight because of the increased appetite; the cat will not be playful, loosing of hair, it may experience some level of constipation and will not bear cold environment.

When this symptoms are observed, the veterinary expert may want to know a bit of history of the cat, has he or she undertake further diagnosis. Hypothyroidism can be detected through a process of putting the blood and testing of the thyroxine levels through T3 and T4 tests. If the test is positive, you should not fret, hypothyroidism in cats can be easily treated by a dose of thyroxine supplements.

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