Common Causes of Hypothyroidism

What is the cause of hyperthyroidism? Hypothyroidism is a condition in which thyroids glands produces too little thyroid hormone in the body cells making the body to be weak. The secretion and production of hormone in such low quantity makes the body cells to slow down on the process of metabolism. The patient of this condition will therefore experience symptoms as the inability to tolerate cold, constipation and general fatigue.  The causes of the disease can be as varied depending on whether one has a primary hypothyroidism, secondary hyperthyroidism or even tertiary hyperthyroidism.  The primary hyperthyroidism is the most common type is experience when a transitory or lasting condition in which the thyroid gland is attacked hence the reduction of thyroid hormone. The secondary hyperthyroidism on the other hand is caused by some upset of the pituitary gland, and lastly, tertiary hypothyroidism is caused by the upset of the hypothalamus.

Let’s delve further into some of the majors causes of hypothyroidism. It is generally agreed that the leading causes of this condition is autoimmune diseases that attacks the thyroid making it to reduce the production of the thyroid hormone. Among this group is Hashimoto thyroiditis, which is a genetic disease. The body immune system attacks its own thyroid cell which causes it to be inflamed, leading to it turning to hypothyroid. There are some cases where the patient s have had goiter develop as a result of this inflammation.

One of the causes of hyperthyroidism is when a patient is over treated by radioactive iodine for such conditions as grave hyperthyroid. The radioactive rays have the effect on the thyroid glands of making them to ether be fully or partially dormant. Due to the reduction of the secretion of the hormone, one will tend to develop hypothyroidism after certain duration of time.

The removal of the thyroid glands through surgery is also a cause of this condition. This normally happens when a patient develops a cancer of the throat and the thyroid has to be removed to prevent the spread of the cancerous cells.

Tumor of the pituitary glands, is also one the causes, which is also called secondary hypothyroidism. This basically happens when a tumor of the pituitary gland interferes with the secretion of the thyroid simulation hormone. This will have the effect of not only causing the hypothyroidism will but also lead to adrenal insufficiency. Some patients with some problems with the hypothalamus portion of the brain have also been diagnosed with the condition of having a deficient thyroid hormone.

Did you know that some drugs given for treating other diseases can be cause hypothyroidism by inhibiting the production of thyroid hormone? This is especially likely to happen if the drugs are taken in huge doses and over a long time.  So if you or some of this drugs, you should talk with your doctor to see what how you can control your intake so that you will no suffer from the side effect. The drugs include; when lithium is used fro treatment of psychiatric conditions, it may like lead to the development of hypothyroidism to almost half of the people that are on this drug.  One should be also cautious with the drugs that are taken to treat hyperthyroidism which have been proven to have a marring effect on the thyroid glands.

Subacute thyroditis is basically a form of inflammation which occurs on the on the thyroids glands. Although the situation that causes it is still unknown, this is a temporary form of attack that will usually ends on its own without medication. As one of the causes of hypothyroidism, it has been noted that subacute thyroiditis may occur in men or women of all ages.

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