Causes of Hypothyroidism in Children

The malfunctioning of the thyroid gland is known as the hypothyroidism in children. The thyroid gland is responsible for a number of functions in the body which is regulated by the hormones produced in the body. There is a specific quantity of the hormones with is required by the body to carry out the necessary functions in the body, and when the thyroid gland ceases to produce the required amount of the hormone in the body, it is termed as hypothyroidism in children. The thyroid is responsible for controlling the growth an development in the children. Therefore the children who are suffering from this symptom are affected in the matter of growth and development. It is always not that physically less developed children suffer from hypothyroidism but If it has been diagnosed then it should be treated immediately without any delay.

The main reason behind the new born babies having developed the symptom of the hypothyroidism in children is iodine deficiency in the diet of the mother. Those countries where the staple food is less iodine content in then are likely to suffer from the symptom of hypothyroidism in children. In these children the thyroid gland does not develop properly thereby making the growth process difficult in the children. However at the primary stage the treatment can be done easily with the help of the replaced hormones in the body. Treatment should be one immediately and on the instances of the overlooking the signs of the hypothyroidism, may lead to the premature damage of the bran of the child. New and expecting parents are always advises to have knowledge regarding these symptoms of the child. Even the simplest of the indications should not be overlooked by the parents. The children should always be subjected to regular medical check ups so that none of the hypothyroidism in children indications gets overlooked.

Some of the most visible indications that the new parts should always look in the child are less intensity for feeding, abnormal low temperature of the body, difficulty in the brawl movement, more sleeping hours and low pulse rate. For the parents these indications are sometime mistaken to be normal, as they think every baby is different. But these indications should not be overlooked by any means. If sill the baby developing the syndrome of hypothyroidism in children is left untreated then the baby might develop signs like rough and dry skin, swelling and irritation on the skin, slow reaction and lack of the normal growth. However presently there are fewer chances of the children suffering from this problem as the new born babies are tested of this deficiency from the time of the birth, although if the symptoms develop later on then the parents will have to be very careful. The hypothyroidism in children is however not a very serious problem and can be solved very well if the diagnosis is made in a proper manner. Proper consultation with the doctor will deliver more detailed information regarding this syndrome.

In many instance the symptoms of the growing kids who have acquired this hormonal deficiency syndrome are similar to that of the grown ups like fatigue, lack of concentration and dry and flaky skin. Although some of the parents mistakenly attribute these symptoms as obvious teenager signs, but if these signs prevail in the child for a long time the required attention should be taken for the treatment. A lot of information is available on the internet regarding the hypothyroidism in children. A number of medical magazines and journals are also available from which the parents can gather knowledge.

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