Causes and Treatment of Hypothyroidism Acne

Hypothyroidism acne is a problem that depresses any woman. This is a fact, dry, rough, acne and hussy feeling of the skin disturbs every one. The dull appearance of the skin, the hideous scaling and the peeled of skin coming up is really a very embracing and depressing situation. Especially in the time of the winter this problem arises more among the people. Although not always but sometime the main reason behind this acne prone skin is the hormonal deficiency called hypothyroidism acne. Actually due to this symptom the thyroid gland stops producing the required amount of the hormones in the body.

The thyroid produces hormones in the body which is responsible for the controlling many essential functions like metabolism, the sexual growth and the physical growth of the body. Now if the thyroid gland does not function well then all these functions of the body will not be carried out in proper manner hampering the natural process of the body. The metabolism of the body is also hampered which is the main reason behind the acne prone skin and the rough skin. So if the problem of hypothyroidism acne has to be solved steps should be taken to control hypothyroidism first.

There are other natural reasons that are also responsible for making skin dry and rough along with being acne prone. The other natural conditions like excessive dry weather, very much accustomed to the indoor appliances like the air condition machines also render the skin to be dry. Constant exposure to the heat is also one of the reasons behind the hypothyroidism acne. If the surrounding atmosphere is full of moisture then also there are high chances of the skin getting acne prone. More information regarding the skin developing hypothyroidism acne is hugely available from a variety of other sources.

Developing acne is not only the sole indication of developing the syndrome of hypothyroidism acne. There are numerous other symptoms like the energy loss, skin irritation, intolerant towards heat and cold, low immunity, black outs, exhaustion, irregular brawl movement, periodical disorders in women enlargement of the thyroid gland, developing goiter. The skin gets highly damaged not only with acne but the skin also gets dry and rough. On some instance people might develop signs of dandruff in hair along with other dermatological problem in the body. The best way to treat the hypothyroidism acne is to follow the instructions of the doctor.

Follow few steps in home can help a lot in fighting the problems of the hypothyroidism acne. One of the main reasons behind the formation of the acnes is the blockage of the pores. Everyday a huge number of the cells gets damaged, these damages cells close the pores if the mouth. The oil and dust of the surrounding atmosphere also closes the pores of the skin, barring the skin to breathe free. This is the main reason behind the skin becoming acne prone. Keeping the skin oil free and free of dust and germs is very essential for the making it free from hypothyroidism acne. Apart from it the bacterial inhabitation also has a role to play in the formation of the acnes on the skin. The skin can be prevented from having acne by following a daily regime of cleansing. If the skin remains free of the dead cells, dirt and pollution the acne will stop easily. More information on the acnes is available on the internet. There are a number of sites that provides detailed information on the ways to take care of the skin and the way to prevent acnes.

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