What is Overt Hypothyroidism?

Overt hypothyroidism is condition of the thyroid gland under which the thyroid gland becomes unable to produce the adequate quantity of hormone in the body. So to say very literally the in the stag of the thyroid gland showing the symptom of overt hypothyroidism the thyroid gland becomes under reactive. It is harmful for the normal body process of the body as some of the essential body functions are carried out by the glands, or to be very specific it is actually the hormones present in the gland that controls these essential functions of the body. The thyroid gland is also responsible for... Read More

The Best Diets for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is am under active state of the thyroid gland, in which it becomes unable to produce the required amount of the hormones in the body. The hormones that the thyroid gland produces are accountable for calculating many functions on the body. The thyroxin and the thyropine hormones that the thyroid gland produces in itself controls the growth process and the metabolism in the body of a person, so at the state in which the thyroid gland becomes unable to perform this function the natural process of he body is highly hampered. The body is forced to continue work with the low level of... Read More

Causes of Headaches by Hypothyroidism

The inability of the thyroid gland to produce the adequate amount of the hormones in the body is termed as hypothyroidism and headaches. Hypothyroidism and headaches is not a common problem in the body because in this situation the thyroid gland either becomes under active or hyperactive in the body. This hampers thr natural working condition of the body. There are many essential functions in the body which are carried out by the thyroid gland. The thyroxin (T3) and the thyropine (T4) hormones that are essential for the body are produced in the thyroid gland. Now this thyroxin (T3) and the... Read More

Hypothyroidism Side Effects

If proper treatment is provides to any physical problem in the primary stage then the disorder can be cured in the primary stage only. The same is the case with the hypothyroidism side effects, which if treated on time can show effective results. Without proper treatment and efforts to control it there are many serious complications that the body might suffer from. These side effects without proper treatment will continue to increase everyday creating intense side effects in the body. However in order to treat the disease properly, it is very essential that a person is properly diagnosed... Read More

Effective Hypothyroidism Home Remedies

Thyroid is the most important organ of the body that is responsible for the purpose of controlling many functions in the body. There are many glands in the body through which all the necessary function of the body are carried out. The hormones which are produced in the glands are actually the fluids which help the glands in performing these functions. So if the balance of the hormones in the glands gets disturbed then the body has to face a lot of problem. The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of the thyroxin (T3) and the thyropine (T4) hormones in the body. This thyroxin (T3)... Read More

Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Definition of hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism can be described as a disease in which the thyroid gland fails to produce sufficient hormones the body requires. The thyroid hormone affects the body’s metabolism. . It maintains the body systems perfectly. It is this hormone that helps the body does all the functions devoid of any hindrances. But the treatment can be started through Hypothyroidism and natural remedies.   Treatment of hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism is a disease that needs immediate attention.  It should be treated immediately so that it does not become complicated.... Read More

Hypothyroidism Definition

Hypothyroidism definition can be described as a condition where your thyroid gland is not capable of producing sufficient quantity of hormones. Women above the age of 50 develop hypothyroidism. This disease wrecks havoc to the equilibrium of the chemical reactions within your body. The symptoms are mild in the early stages and often go unnoticed. However, untreated hypothyroidism definition can cause a number of health related problems like infertility, heart disease, obesity and joint pain. Diagnosing hypothyroidism There are thyroid function tests that can diagnose hypothyroidism. The... Read More

The Relationship Between Hypothyroidism and Anemia

Hypothyroidism and anemia is condition when there is scanty thyroid hormone within the blood stream. The thyroid is underactive. This scanty thyroid hormone interferes with the normal functioning of the body. The stimulation of organs and cells in the body is effected by the underactive thyroid. The body process slows down. The symptoms of hypothyroidism and anemia that manifest are decreased hear rate, cold intolerance, mental fatigue, tiredness and constipation. Hypothyroidism and anemia are linked Anemia is the condition when the red blood cubicle count is low. These red blood cells are... Read More

About Iatrogenic Hypothyroidism

Iatrogenic hypothyroidism came from the term iatrogenic which refers to the side effects that might arise out of the treatment fault. In the medical terms it refers to any side effects that are induced in a patient unintentionally by the physician. This might arise out of many situations like prescribing wrong medicines, having a patient subjected to wrong therapies. Hypothyroidism caused by this medical negligence is known as the iatrogenic hypothyroidism. Similar to the hypothyroidism it is a also a deficiency of the hormones, but the difference is that hypothyroidism is caused by the birth... Read More

Hypothyroidism and Alcohol

When the thyroid gland of the body functions disorderly to produce the required hormone then it is known as the hypothyroidism and alcohol. It is the in efficiency of the thyroid gland to produce the required amount of the T3 and T4 hormone in the body. To be very specific in this state the thyroid gland of the body becomes under active. The symptoms of this hypothyroidism and alcohol are also very simple for which the victims often fail to realize that they are suffering from this symptom. Some of these symptoms are as follows: – Fatigue Tension skin irritation intolerant to cold and... Read More